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TWSC album Chillout now available!

The most recent TWSC album is now available for digital download, streaming, or simply on youtube…check out these tracks and buy the album to support experimental music TODAY, TOMORROW, and YESTERDAY.

In case you were wondering, the retro-porn album cover that is visible here was deemed to be offensive (say it aint so!) by our digital distributor TuneCore, so we changed it…and covered the boobs….now only the music is offensive!

New TWSC release coming this month…

Third World Skull Candy is proud to announce it’s third release on BitPulse Records, the ambient mindplex of…Chillout

Available 14 August 2016…and like all TWSC deluxe releases, available only for a limited time…

Track list:

1. Aunt Suzy’s Tub
2. One Minute Loop One
3. Singha (for AB)
4. Jim
5. One Minute Loop Three
6. Slow Motion Paradise
7. A Drinking Man
8. Denholm Phones
9. Farewell, Los Angeles

Luxuriate in this sneak preview track, then order your copy of the album today…available from your favorite quality digital music distributor…



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