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Laotian Pages is nearly here!

Raquez’s forgotten masterpiece is now ready for the Anglophone world!

After a month delay in production–this is a big project–we finally wrapped our editing of the proofs and index. The book is scheduled to go to the printer next month (December).

It’s a beautiful book, reproducing all the photographs from the original plus new maps for each stage of Raquez’s journey, a 50,000 word introduction and of course footnotes galore.

Beat the inevitable crowds at your local high street bookstore and pre-order your copy from Amazon now!



New NIAS Press catalog copy for Laotian Pages

Wow! NIAS Press has released its new catalog copy for our critical translation of Alfred Raquez’s amazing travel narrative from turn-of-the-century Laos. Check it out (click and expand image below)

And get those credit cards ready because the book will be available this October! And it will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY


New peer-reviewed article on Mission Raquez

In 1904, French explorer and author Alfred Raquez embarked on a year-long ethnographic mission through Laos to collect material for the 1906 Colonial Exposition in Marseille. He published his notes in L’Avenir du Tonkin and its sister publication La Revue Indochinoise, and took hundreds of photos, many of which are still collected as postcards, and made hundreds of phonograph rolls of field recordings, which are now lost.

I am very pleased that my article on Mission Raquez has been published in the prominent peer-reviewed journal History and Anthropolgy, published by Taylor and Francis, and listed in all sorts of spiffy neat-o international humanities indexes.

Here is the abstract:

This paper focuses on Mission Raquez, a French ethnographic expedition through Laos to collect material for the Marseille Colonial Exposition of 1906. This paper discusses the location of extant material and considers the ethnographic methods used on the mission in conjunction with anthropological study, mass media, and popular celebrity in turn of the century France.

You can access the article at this permalink:


If you want a PDF, please contact me using this forum. Supplies are limited! Order yours today!

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New review for Land of Pagodas

A positive and perceptive new review for our translation of Alfred Raquez’s In the Land of Pagodas has been published at NewBooks Asia. Check it out here: https://newbooks.asia/review/faces-unknown

“The quality of the translation is excellent and includes an abundance of well-researched footnotes as well, which certainly facilitate the understanding of Raquez’s French references, making it easier for the reader to follow the rich, but at times confusing, narration without major difficulties.”

Buy our book here http://www.niaspress.dk/books/land-pagodas

Cover image for Laotian Pages translation by NIAS

Our excellent friend the superb Indonesian artist Sheila has completed the image for the cover of our upcoming translation of Alfred Raquez’s book of travel through Laos in 1900, Pages Laotiennes, to be published this year in a two volume set by NIAS Press as Laotian Pages.

The image uses Raquez’s postcard of Sao Si, one of the Laotian performers he brought to Marseille for the 1906 Colonial Exposition.

The building is based on the library at Wat Si Saket in Vientiane, which also was the model for the Laos Pavilion in Marseille in 1906 (see below).

The pattern on the woman’s sinh (the scarf) is based on a traditional textile pattern from Laos.

Amazing job, thank you Sheila!

Interview with WLG and PB redux

Awhile back, the website China Underground interviewed Paul and myself about our translation of In the Land of Pagodas (find it here: https://drgblogsupreme.wordpress.com/2017/04/17/interview-with-wlg-and-pb-on-china-underground/

Now the good folks at China Undergound have included that interview in their new digital magazine, which can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14UfbS2wQ813BG87G0UPtkAr2FR0lQ9oU/view

Get it, dig it, feel it…then buy the book!


New Alfred Raquez article in Archipel

I am very pleased that my article and translations with Paul Bruthiaux of Alfred Raquez’s travels in Java are now published at Archipel, the leading journal in the field.

“Archipel is a journal of interdisciplinary studies on Insulindia (Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Timor-Leste), established in 1971, with a particular attention given to humanities.”

Check that out here: http://archipel.revues.org/452#authors

Read an excerpt of the translation that was published in Indonesia Expat magazine awhile back, here: https://drgblogsupreme.wordpress.com/2017/03/09/alfred-raquez-in-java/


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