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New peer-reviewed article on Mission Raquez

In 1904, French explorer and author Alfred Raquez embarked on a year-long ethnographic mission through Laos to collect material for the 1906 Colonial Exposition in Marseille. He published his notes in L’Avenir du Tonkin and its sister publication La Revue Indochinoise, and took hundreds of photos, many of which are still collected as postcards, and made hundreds of phonograph rolls of field recordings, which are now lost.

I am very pleased that my article on Mission Raquez has been published in the prominent peer-reviewed journal History and Anthropolgy, published by Taylor and Francis, and listed in all sorts of spiffy neat-o international humanities indexes.

Here is the abstract:

This paper focuses on Mission Raquez, a French ethnographic expedition through Laos to collect material for the Marseille Colonial Exposition of 1906. This paper discusses the location of extant material and considers the ethnographic methods used on the mission in conjunction with anthropological study, mass media, and popular celebrity in turn of the century France.

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Contribution to new book on Alfred Raquez

I’ve very proud that my brief contribution to a new book about Alfred Raquez is now available from White Lotus Press.

Raquez was an amazing person: an explorer, writer, photographer, bon vivant, racontuer, and man of enigma. The name is a nome de plume…he died under very mysterious cicrumstances. He was a key documentor of Laos when the place was still a largely untouched backwater of the French empire and yet he is woefully under-studied in history or post-colonial studies departments.

This new publication by White Lotus Press will help to change that…

My own contribution focuses on the postcards Raquez sold at the 1906 Colonial Exposition at Marseille which feature Laotian singers and dancers and were souvenir illustrations of a show of Laotian music and dance that he produced.

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