First Mission Raquez Dispatch

The first of our translations of Mission Raquez dispatches is now posted!

Join in the adventure!

Inspiring words from Jess Franco

Take heart, we’re not alone…from the memoirs of Jess Franco…

Paralelamente, las grandes productoras se han lanzado a la producción de engendros enormes, donde las masas, las explosiones galácticas o las batallas por ordenador, pretenden sustituir a los sentimientos y hasta los nuevos actores más o menos humanos, como Ben Affleck o Ángelina Jolie parecen más salidos de un ordenador que del vientre de su madre. No creo que duren mucho tiempo. Hasta los niños van a renegar pronto de tal deshumanización, aunque a nuestros mandatarios globales les encantaría tenernos a todos inmersos en esas estupideces sin el menor soplo de vida.

New Mission Raquez translation

Paul and I are putting our collective heads together once again to translate Alfred Raquez’s dispatches from his 1904-05 ethnographic mission through Laos.  Check it out here:


Just in time for the Year of the Rat!

FLOWERS, the latest release on BitPulse Media of TWSC’s twisted and totally WRONG appropriation of other people’s music, is now available on most streaming services.

Check the link here for Apple:


The world is burning, catastrophic war seems imminent…it’s the perfect time to get some FLOWERS!

Buy it today…because there may not be a tomorrow….

Flowers will be blooming in December

People who have been waiting breathlessly in anticipation of the next album drop by TWSC will only need to hold their breathe a little longer! After much tweaking and fiddling, we have finally mastered the tracks. The album Flowers will drop on 21 Dec, just in time to add some noise to your holidays!

Flowers is mastered and released by BitPulse media, the brainchild of the most awesome Syahmi…here’s a pic of me and Syahmi shopping for vinyl at Blok M in Jakarta (I’m the one in the black cap).

Meanwhile, check out ‘Raquel,’ our dance track from the album here.

Get ready for Flowers…it won’t be a trip you forget anytime soon!

New Review of Laotian Pages!

A great new review by independent researcher Lia Genovese of our translation of Alfred Raquez’s wonderful Laotian Pages has appeared in the Journal of the Siam Society. Check that out here:

Then buy our book here:



My good friend David Fairer, my PhD supervisor so many years ago at the University of Leeds, has now retired from university life and, inspired by my own forays into fiction (I am humbled), has written a mystery novel set in his period of specialization, the 18th Century. David’s knowledge of the era is unmatched and his gentle soul has always harbored a secret dark angst…so this is a cracker of a mystery tale!

The book is getting great reviews, too. Check out the links here then buy it. You can get entertained and schooled all at the same time. What a steal!


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