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Inspiring words from Jess Franco

Take heart, we’re not alone…from the memoirs of Jess Franco…

Paralelamente, las grandes productoras se han lanzado a la producción de engendros enormes, donde las masas, las explosiones galácticas o las batallas por ordenador, pretenden sustituir a los sentimientos y hasta los nuevos actores más o menos humanos, como Ben Affleck o Ángelina Jolie parecen más salidos de un ordenador que del vientre de su madre. No creo que duren mucho tiempo. Hasta los niños van a renegar pronto de tal deshumanización, aunque a nuestros mandatarios globales les encantaría tenernos a todos inmersos en esas estupideces sin el menor soplo de vida.

New Black Scat fundraising drive

Black Scat, an independent publisher based in the US (and who has featured some of my work) is having a fundraising drive. Launched in 2012,  Black Scat Books not boasts 37 titles in the Absurdist series, as well as many full length novels, short fiction collections, visual art, plays, and various anthologies, as well as  numerous works in translation, including 10 titles by the great French humorist Alphonse Allais — all first publications in English! In addition they issue a free monthly digital magazine, Le Scat Noir.

Support independent publishing…check out the link here and give a little back to Scat:

Cycle Jakarta

My good pal the highly respected comic artist Sheila Rooswitha has a lovely new cartoon about riding bicycles in Jakarta (which is something that I love to do, too) in The Guardian newspaper The Illustrated City series. Check it out here!

My most recent ‘Opium Traces’ feature article

From my feature column ‘Opium Traces’, on…

Debut of ‘Opium Traces’, my new feature column at

I’m excited and honored to announce that my new column, ‘Opium Traces’, has debuted at

‘Opium Traces’ will meditate upon pop media about and from Southeast Asia (and slightly beyond) and will cover a range of subjects from film to books to music.

Check out the first article, an analysis of the psychedelic-noir style of Nicholas Refn’s 2013 film Only God Forgives:

More coming in June!!!


Treachery of Images

Search ‘this is not a pipe’ on google and this is what you get…

my new feature article on

My first feature article for the online magazine, ‘The Swollen Eye of the Man With No Name’.

Sub-head: ‘Kurosawa’s samurai, Stuart Heisler’s gangster, Sergio Leone’s cowboy, and George Miller’s misfit suffer a similar black eye, but with dramatically different effect.


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