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Hard-boiled Malaya Trilogy at Kinokunia

Spotted on the shelf…buy all three and experience the trilogy as it was meant to be read!

Check out the link at Monsoon Books:


Hardboiled Malaya shelfies

A quick trip through Singapore last weekend and I spotted Singapore Black on the shelf at Kinokuniya at Takishimya on Orchard Road…

…and Singapore Yellow as a “new arrival” at the central Singapore library (a must-stop for me on all my trips to the city-state)…

dsc_0495 dsc_0496

Singapore Red, the thrilling final installment of the hardboiled Malaya trilogy, will be released by Monsoon Books in Spring 2017…


Hawksworth novels Shelfie at NUS

Was in the stacks at the National University of Singapore central library the other day and spotted this and shot a Shelfie…

The publisher of Monsoon Books has confirmed a release date of Spring 2017 for Singapore Red, the final thrilling installment of this breathtaking trilogy…stay tuned…


Singapore Yellow now available as illegal download!

Wow! You know you’ve made it when people start pirating your work

[I wouldn’t recommend downloading anything from these types of sites, but as the phony Hun Tsu says in the comments on this page: “My friends are so mad that they do not know how I have all the high quality ebook which they do not!”…download at your peril, chum]

Singapore Yellow now available as paperback in the UK!

According to this article in The Bookseller, my publisher Monsoon Books “has opened an office in the UK for its editorial and marketing teams.”

“The Spring titles for release are Olivia & Sophia by Rosie Milne, Bamboo Island by Ann Bennett, Singapore Yellow by William L Gibson, Bali Undercover by Malcolm Scott, The Defence and Fall of Singapore by Brian Farrell, The Straits Quartet by Dawn Farnham, Out in the Midday Sun by Margaret Shennan and Spirit Tiger by Barbara Ismail.”

So if you live in the UK, be sure to head over to the high street bookshop and order a copy of Singapore Yellow and support independent publishing and starving writers like me.

Ta’ luv!

Brief words dari moi at Asian Books Blog

My pal and fellow Monsoon Books author Rosie Milne has my “500 Words From…” contribution on her excellent Asian Book Blogs. Check it out!

Singapore Yellow Book Launch a Rocketing Success!

So last week was the official launch for my novel Singapore Yellow, the second in the hard-boiled Malaya trilogy, as part of the Singapore Writer’s Festival.

It was a fun event with Monsoon Books publisher Phil Tatham moderating a dynamic panel with myself and fellow Monsoon author Rosie Milne.

Rosie has just published a very ambitious novel taking the perspectives of the two wives of Stamford Raffles. She was kind enough to give me a copy and it promises to be a very exciting read!

Rosie also runs a fantastic blog called Asian Books, which is a must read for people who like books about Asia; Asians who like books; or people who get misdirected from Asian bookworm fetish sites.

Here’s Rosie’s coverage of the book launch:

And here’s a picture of the two of us holding court!


Don’t forget to order your copies of Singapore Yellow and Singapore Black immediately. The Amazon Evil Empire is the still the fastest way to get the ebooks. Don’t delay…there may not be a tomorrow….


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