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Singapore Red Book Launch in Bali

I was thrilled to launch my novel Singapore Red at the 10th Annual Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Conference, held this year in beautiful Singaraja, Bali!

Singapore Red and Singapore Yellow were for sale at the conference book stall (as was my scholarly translation with Paul Bruthiaux of Alfred Raquez’s travel book In the Land of Pagodas).

As a last sweet kiss good bye, I spotted Singapore Black for sale at WH. Smith’s bookstore at the airport in Denpasar.

All around a positive and outstanding experience with a remarkable group of people. I already look forward to next year’s APWT conference!

To buy my trilogy, check out the website of Monsoon Books.

To buy In the Land of Pagodas, check out the website of NIAS Press.


Hard-boiled Malaya Trilogy at Kinokunia

Spotted on the shelf…buy all three and experience the trilogy as it was meant to be read!

Check out the link at Monsoon Books:

Hardboiled Malaya shelfies

A quick trip through Singapore last weekend and I spotted Singapore Black on the shelf at Kinokuniya at Takishimya on Orchard Road…

…and Singapore Yellow as a “new arrival” at the central Singapore library (a must-stop for me on all my trips to the city-state)…

dsc_0495 dsc_0496

Singapore Red, the thrilling final installment of the hardboiled Malaya trilogy, will be released by Monsoon Books in Spring 2017…


Hawksworth novels Shelfie at NUS

Was in the stacks at the National University of Singapore central library the other day and spotted this and shot a Shelfie…

The publisher of Monsoon Books has confirmed a release date of Spring 2017 for Singapore Red, the final thrilling installment of this breathtaking trilogy…stay tuned…


re-post from Carol’s blog

My good friend and esteemed author, educator, and left-wing rabble-rouser Carol Bergman runs a smooth blog that RSS’s to a whole slew of social and traditional media outlets, but in case you missed it, the other week she was kind enough to blurb me and Sheila’s graphic novel project, an adaptation of the first novel in my hard-boiled Malaya trilogy, Singapore Black.

Check it out here then buy 100 copies of each of Carol’s books. There’s an extra slice of strawberry cheescake waiting for you in heaven if you do.

Petak Sembilan comic sketch of yours truly…

So last week I was in Petak Sembilan in Glodok, one of the oldest parts of Jakarta and the location of the Chinatown of old Batavia–and one of my favorite places in Southeast Asia!

With me was Sheila, a very talented Indonesian comic book artist and part of the team that is working on a comic book adaptation of my novel Singapore Black, part of my hard-boiled Malaya trilogy published by Monsoon Books.

Sheila made this quick sketch of me in one of the alleyways, eating noodles and sipping sweet white tea.

My phone’s in my hand because I was getting updates on the Jakarta terror attack which happened just south of us.

This gives you some idea of the awesome illustrations you can expect from the comic adaption of my novels. I’m working with a great team!

Learn more about my novels and buys copies, visit my website:


Brief words dari moi at Asian Books Blog

My pal and fellow Monsoon Books author Rosie Milne has my “500 Words From…” contribution on her excellent Asian Book Blogs. Check it out!


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