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Paul Bowles article–latest Opium Traces

Here’s my latest Opium Traces column at, a meditation on Paul Bowles’ The Sheltering Sky…

Latest Opium Traces article: interview with history writer Tim Hannigan

Check out my latest Opium Traces article on, an interview with up-and-coming history writer Tim Hannigan.


Latest Opium Traces article…interview with David Gordon White

Here’s my latest Opium Traces feature article on A review and interview with author and scholar of South Asian religions, David Gordon White…

Latest Opium Traces article…Suzie Wong!

Here’s my latest Opium Traces feature article on, an exegesis on the book and film and pop culture phenomenon that is The World of Suzie Wong

My latest Opium Traces article on popmatters: interview with Singapore author Catherine Lim

My latest Opium Traces article on features an interview with the esteemed Catherine Lim, the First Lady of Singapore’s literary world, and the most persistent critic of the city-state’s ruling party.

Check it out…right now!

Newest ‘Opium Traces’ article on popmatters…

My latest Opium Traces article is now live on popmatters… “Death in the Land of Smiles,” a review of an independent film about, and a separate memoir by, the last person to execute prisoners in Thailand, Mr Chavoret Jaruboon. Features an interview with screenwriter Don Linder plus a teaser trailer.

Link and enjoy!

My new Opium Traces article on popmatters

Here’s my latest feature article for my Opium Traces column at

“The Modern Library of Indonesia series offers unparalleled access to the cultural landscape of the world’s fourth most populous country.”

Including an interview with John McGlynn…check it out right now!



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