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Land of Pagodas excerpt in NeeHao magazine

Check out this excerpt from In the Land of Pagodas published in NeeHao magazine. It features a great section from our translation of Alfred Raquez’s first book: his description of a sumptuous dinner on a flower boat in Canton in 1898.

Read that here:

Then buy the book here:


In the Land of Pagodas on Asian Books Blog

My pal and fellow Monsoon Books author Rosie Milne runs a nifty blog called Asian Books and she was kind enough to post this puff piece about my scholarly translation with Paul Bruthiaux of Alfred Raquez’s travelogue In the Land of Pagodas which was recently published by NIAS Press.

Check it out and support Rosie’s blog…then buy a copy and support me!

In the Land of Pagodas goes to press

After a brief delay, NIAS Press is now pressing print on our translation of Alfred Raquez’s first book, In the Land of Pagodas, his travel account through China in 1898/99.

NIAS did a beautiful job putting this book together. It looks gorgeous! It will be available from 29 February.

You can learn more and pre-order your copy here:

Paul and I are already well into our translation of Raquez’s second book, Pages Laotiennes, an account of his trip through Laos in 1899/1900. That should be in print in about a year.


NIAS Press catalog copy for In the Land of Pagodas

The catalog copy for In the Land of Pagodas, our forthcoming release from NIAS Press, is now out!

We’re thrilled to be the first book listed in the catalog!

extract-one extract-two


You can download the catalog copy here: apdp-catalog-copy

You can download the whole catalog here:



cover art mockup for In the Land of Pagodas

So our manuscript of our scholarly translation of Alfred Raquez’s first book, Au Pays des Pagodes, has been sent to NIAS Press and we’re moving into the later stages of production: copyediting, proofing, indexing, etc.

The cover is also coming together. Local comic book artist and our good friend Sheila designed two layouts for the cover image, and we are happy to announce that the Press has chosen the red image for the book cover!

Here is the alternate cover…


I like them both and I’m happy that I didn’t have to make the final decision (ignore the text, it’s placeholder for design).

I’m pleased that NIAS has agreed that we should also translate Raquez’s second travel book, Pages Laotiennes (Laotian Pages), and hopefully Shelia will also design the cover for that book as well. That translation is due out toward the end of 2017.

Stay tuned for more info as In the Land of Pagodas takes final shape…it should be available by December this year!


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