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LUAR BIASA! My album “Pusat” is now available on BitPulse Records!

I’m very pleased that my Third World Skull Candy project has been picked up by a new, exciting record label based in Brunei called BitPulse Records. They specialise in weird, experimental, exotic music and, hey, that fits my bill.

“Pusat,” my album of sample-based electronic noise and ambient music, is now available on iTunes and will become availble on other digital download sites very soon.

Buy and download it RIGHT NOW.

This is only the first in several planned releases with BitPulse so keep your eyes glued to this blog and your headphones strapped to your ears because WHEN ME YOU FLY I AM THE WINGS.



OMG! HFS! WTF! BRAND new treated soundtrack now on Scat Trax!

They’ve been keeping me busy at the day job and there’s hasn’t been time for recommending obscure films or uploading strange and beautiful music to youtube, but luckily an older track from my Midnight Grindhouse ‘treated soundtrack’ project is now available FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER at our usual home at Scat Trax. As Norman Conquest, the keeper of Black Scat Press, wrote about it…

“Time to walk (or is it rock?) with the Robot Zombies of Angkor Wat.

Wat’s new? Why, this  new experimental soundtrack mix from Midnight Grindhouse by the one and only DrG Supreme. Man, this audio is cool and ear-ie, so don those headphones, crank up the decibels and trance on over to our Scat Trax page.”

Click that hotlink and strap on yer headgear ’cause this one is a wild ride into the ancient source of the robot zombie apocalypse!

scat trax

Holy Cow! A new ‘treated soundtrack’ on Scat Trax!

Truly, the wonders and the glories never cease to pour forth from my desktop Mac at SAE Indonesia.

There’s a new EXCLUSIVE world premier “Midnight Grindhouse” treated soundtrack at Scat Trax. Click on this link and while you’re there, buy some quality lit from Black Scat Books…

“SCAT TRAX, the audio arm of Black Scat Books, is proud to present the exclusive World Premiere of The Wayward Lady—an experimental soundtrack by DrG Supreme.  This noirish mind-mix is a warped walk on the wild side (some might say “the other side”) … a trip down strange aural corridors where wanton giggles erupt and vanish – replaced by pauses so pregnant you’ll swear sextuplets are on the way. Clicks and coughs collide, bounce and drift in spirals of nasty laughter. And that music..what the hell is THAT? Maybe we’re in a cocktail lounge in Schenectady or, more likely, Madrid. Suddenly a grunt of passion is snuffed by the sound  of footsteps. Who’s knocking at the door? An irate cuckold? A cop on the make? Or a voluptuous mistress bent on revenge?…

The plot is locked away in your imagination.”

Il Signora Ribelle

More from the ‘Kroncong General’ of Indonesia… Rudi Pirngadie and his Krontjong Beat!

Awhile back I posted a link [here] to two albums on my youtube channel on Evergreen Records, the love-child of Brigadier General Rudi Pirngadie. Now here’s two more amazing albums from this bizarre nook of Indonesian music. It’s more lounge than Martin Denny, more exotic than Les Baxter, more tiki-torch space-age than anything you’ve ever heard…and all wrapped with a political ideology that insists that kroncong music can unite Indonesia, especially if a Brigadier General funds the label… so kick back in your grass-skirt, sip that neon-pink mai-tai, and let yourself be swept away with the lush and mysterious kroncong beat…

Here’s Songs from the Minahasa in Krontjong Beat…

and here’s Songs from Tapanuli in Krontjong Beat…

L’Immortelle (1963) soundtrack

Last Year in Marienbad (1961) gets all the press, but my favorite Alain Robbe-Grillet film is L’Immortelle. It’s the first he wrote AND directed and while perhaps not as slick as LYIM, it’s got an exotic/erotic charm that gets under your skin. Suffice to say, if I could make movies (ie, if I had a budget), this is the kind of movie I would make (watch it and you’ll know why I don’t have a budget).

The film is already a critical darling, so I’m not going to explain why it’s so terrific. Here are two well written exegeses:

 The film was shot entirely in and around Istanbul, almost by accident. As Wikipedia explains, “A Belgian producer agreed to let Robbe-Grillet direct a film from his own screenplay on the condition that the film be shot in Turkey, using ‘blocked funds’ (profits from an earlier film that could not be taken out of the country) owed to Cocinor, the French production company.”

One outcome of this production constraint is an amazing soundtrack, which no one really talks about in reviews. It features some minimalist compositions for strings and Eastern-inflected flute riffs by Georges Delerue, and also lots of mid-century Turkish pop music, which truly is a treasure trove. The internal soundtrack is also compelling, and reminiscent of radio plays.

Taken from a crappy video transfer I downloaded, here is a 35 minute cut of the soundtrack that can be enjoyed for the music and ambient effects. I’ve left in a little of the French and Turkish dialoge, but cut nearly an hour off the total film.

This is meant as a stand-alone soundtrack…so kick back, put on your headphones, and dive into the wicked aural sensibilities of the immortal Alain Robbe-Grillet.

New Treated Soundtrack on Scat Trax!

Wow! Another DrG Supreme Midnight Grindhouse treated soundtrack is available on Scat Trax this month!

“Jungle Captive” is a never-before-released, totally exclusive soundscape made especially for Black Scat Books. And it’s totally free! HFS!

So you’ve got nothing to lose…except your objective correlative and sense of moral purpose! And who needs those?

Check it out RIGHT NOW!!!


jungle captive

Midnight Grindhouse now on Black Scat Books!

We have a home at Black Scat Books!

I’m very pleased that my DrG Supreme occasional sound project Midnight Grindhouse is now playing on Scat Trax.

Check out “Voodoo Sister” and “The Handcuffed Mind” at the links below…and have your mind blown to confetti.

(These tracks were previously on Youtube and Soundcloud… but I’m removing those links…forever.)

Next month or thereabouts, Scat Trax will feature a new Midnight Grindhouse “treated soundtrack” I made exclusively for them…

Follow the Black Scat blog to keep up to date on new releases!


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