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New TWSC release coming soon!

So I’ve been, like, busy, with stuff and haven’t been putting much time into my alter ego DrG Supreme, but I’m happy to say the finishing touches are being made to the next TWSC release…the fourth album from my experimental sound project.

Over the past year or so as I’ve been writing I’ve been listening to a lot of Tim Hecker, William Basinski, Cliff Martinez, and Brian Eno and I think all that has percolated into Flowers…which will be out on BitPulse Records, like, soonish…

Meanwhile, check out the advance, non-mastered track Raquel on youtube:



new TWSC release!

It’s been awhile but the wait has been worth it!

Available from 4 December on BitPulse Records is the latest TWSC release

Street Sounds of Jakarta

These are the sounds of Jakarta’s streets from late afternoon to round midnight. Hear the sounds of otak-otak sellers in the back alleys of Chinatown, of ice cream vendors and roving street musicians, of the evening call to prayer and children’s choruses, of the clack of pushcarts to the crickets and transistor radios of midnight in the urban kampongs.

Recorded over a one-year period on hand-held devices, every sound on this album was recorded live in Jakarta then mixed into collages. No special effects or sound banks were used—the result is an experience like no other: an aural random walk through the city as it pulses to its own rhythms.

Keep tuned for more details on the upcoming release!!!

Meanwhile, check out a preview track here…











New TWSC release coming this month…

Third World Skull Candy is proud to announce it’s third release on BitPulse Records, the ambient mindplex of…Chillout

Available 14 August 2016…and like all TWSC deluxe releases, available only for a limited time…

Track list:

1. Aunt Suzy’s Tub
2. One Minute Loop One
3. Singha (for AB)
4. Jim
5. One Minute Loop Three
6. Slow Motion Paradise
7. A Drinking Man
8. Denholm Phones
9. Farewell, Los Angeles

Luxuriate in this sneak preview track, then order your copy of the album today…available from your favorite quality digital music distributor…



The limited digital edition of Third World Skull Candy’s first release, Pusat, is only available for a short while longer, so order your copy TODAY! It’s available anywhere you can download or stream digital music. Brought to you by DrG Supreme and BitPulse Records…

Third World Skull Candy is an occasional sound experiment in lo-fi, drone, noise, micromontage, acoustic pixelation, and the time-varying distribution of spectral energy, guided by Tom Philips’s observation ‘The sound in my life enlarges my prison’.

TWSC tracks are built from homemade field recordings and samples of obscure, out-of-print, or otherwise orphaned or broken or marginal music.

Check out samples of this and other audio projects at

Catch you on the flip side, Johnny!

Third World Skull Candy “Pusat” now on youtube!

BitPulse Media has created a youtube playlist of the songs from my experimental music release “Pusat.” Check it out!

LUAR BIASA! My album “Pusat” is now available on BitPulse Records!

I’m very pleased that my Third World Skull Candy project has been picked up by a new, exciting record label based in Brunei called BitPulse Records. They specialise in weird, experimental, exotic music and, hey, that fits my bill.

“Pusat,” my album of sample-based electronic noise and ambient music, is now available on iTunes and will become availble on other digital download sites very soon.

Buy and download it RIGHT NOW.

This is only the first in several planned releases with BitPulse so keep your eyes glued to this blog and your headphones strapped to your ears because WHEN ME YOU FLY I AM THE WINGS.



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