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Yankee architecture in Indonesia

Well, Yankee but called by the locals ‘Jengki architecture.’ My mate Tariq Khalil has written a nifty article about this cool and nearly forgotten style in an exclusive article for Indonesia Design magazine. Read that at the link below and discover a world you never knew existed…because Indonesian urban architecture is really awesome and sorely neglected in every sense of the phrase.

In the Land of Pagodas goes to press

After a brief delay, NIAS Press is now pressing print on our translation of Alfred Raquez’s first book, In the Land of Pagodas, his travel account through China in 1898/99.

NIAS did a beautiful job putting this book together. It looks gorgeous! It will be available from 29 February.

You can learn more and pre-order your copy here:

Paul and I are already well into our translation of Raquez’s second book, Pages Laotiennes, an account of his trip through Laos in 1899/1900. That should be in print in about a year.



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