Pekojan and Glodok walks Jakarta

Rummaging in old photos from the past year and came across a bunch from one of my JKT urban adventures with my excellent buddy, the local artist Sheila. Unfortunately I didn’t have my DSLR on this excursion, only my Sony hand phone. Nonetheless, here are some highlights of what remains of what was the eastern side of old Batavia.

We started just north of the old Chinese district of Glodok and walked into the old Arab and Indian trading district now called Pekojan.


Here is the sadly dilapidated Langgar Tinggi mosque, built in 1829, front back, and behind. Despite the dirt and neglect, she’s still got lots of beauty…

dsc_0092 dsc_0103 dsc_0106 dsc_0107

Nearby are houses built by Indian merchants that probably date to the late eighteenth century… dilapidated but charming…

dsc_0109 dsc_0114 dsc_0117

Despite the decay and the proximity of a large rampaging highway, it’s a vibrant neighborhood with no end of energy…

dsc_0130 dsc_0135

We wandered back into the eastern edge of Glodok, the old Chinese district…note the shophouses and temples in the chaotic sprawl…

dsc_0156 dsc_0164 dsc_0168

The narrow, twisting alleyways are filled with architectural gems in various states of neglect…

dsc_0185 dsc_0186 dsc_0192

It is however a working neighborhood so while some of these buildings are abandoned, most are still used as shophouses…note the bridge room over the alleyway here (above the silver umbrella)…dsc_0194 dsc_0199

And sometimes 20th century gems stand cheek-by-jowl with 18th century structures…

dsc_0208 dsc_0209

Unlike the UNESCO flavored historical attractions of Penang and Malacca, Jakarta’s Chinese, Arabic, and Indian colonial trading heritage buildings are part of dirty, smelly, dangerous, chaotic working neighborhoods in a sprawling mega-city which means walking their streets is to experience the old days without the veneer of sophistication in the more well-known Straits architecture tourist destinations. The neglect is sad but the neighborhoods are brimming with energy…definitely not an outdoor museum and there’s nary an art gallery or wine bar in sight…



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