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Au Pays des Pagodes to be published by NIAS Press!

I’m pleased to announce that my project with my long-time pal and collaborator Dr. Paul Bruthiaux, a scholarly translation of Alfred Raquez’s first book, Au Pays des Pagodes [The Land of Pagodas] has been picked up by the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS) Press!

It’s a very fun read…Raquez’s journal of his 1899 trip through China, including Hong Kong, Macau, Canton [Guanghzou], Shanghai, Yunnan, and Hubei.

Au Pays des Pagodes was first published in serial form from June 12 to November 6, 1899, in L’Echo de Chine: journal des intérêts français en Extrème-Orient, published in Shanghai by La Presse Orientale, which would publish the articles in book form in 1900 as Au Pays des Pagodes. Notes de Voyage, Hongkong, Macao, Shanghai, Le Houpé, La Hounan, Séries d’Orient Number 2. It features nearly 60 photographs and illustrations, which will also be included in the new edition.

It has never before been translated into English and it’s getting the full scholarly treatment from yours truly. Should be out late this year…stay tuned for more info!

Latest Opium Traces article on

So my most recent Opium Traces article on actually came out about a month ago and I totally missed it!

But you don’t have to:

A discussion of Gaspar Noe’s film Enter the Void and the so-called Tibetan Book of the Dead…ready to get your psychedelic groove on?

Raquez-Gervais biographical article in PHILAO

As noted in a previous post, my new article on Alfred Raquez’s true identity, Joseph Gervais, is now published in PHILAO, No. 103, in French, written with the inestimable Dominique Geay-Drillien.

Pardonne moi, amis lecteurs, I am reneging on my promise in that previous post to publish English highlights here, largely because that information now serves as introductory material for an article for a peer-reviewed journal that I am in the final stages of preparing. Once that is in print, you will know.

However, if anyone has any questions or information about Raquez-Gervais, please contact me here. There are still many more questions than answers about this fascinating character!



According to popmatters, Henry Threadgill has a new album out in honor of Butch Morris. I used to catch Threadgill every chance I got when I lived in NYC in the early 2000s…usually at the now defunct Tonic.

Many records of his do I own, too.

I had the distinct pleasure of encountering him sitting on a stoop in the East Village one summer afternoon, probably in 2005. He was smoking a cig and chatting with a young black man. I said, “Hey, are you Henry Threadgill?”  He said, “Yes, I am.” I told him I was a huge fan, he said thanks, and on I walked.

Man, there’s times I miss NYC!

Hey, buy Threadgill’s new album:

He’s good for you.


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