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HFS! It’s Third World Skull Candy’s first EP of dance music… Snow White!

HFS! Just in time for autumn! It’s Third World Skull Candy’s first EP of electronic dance music… Snow White!

Shake your ass and blow your mind (or any combination thereof) with the smooth loops of Snow White. Up tempo, upbeat, and up yours, old chum!

Featuring TWSC’s trademark blend of distorted samples of orphaned music, strange noises, sharp angles, fallen angels, and a heady bouquet of digital audio playfulness, Snow White Dance EP is worth a listen to anyone interested in anything, anywhere.

Available NOW from wherever you download or stream digital music (but here’s a link to Amazon Most Foul)…

Buy your copy today, because there may not be a tomorrow!

Latest Opium Traces article…Suzie Wong!

Here’s my latest Opium Traces feature article on, an exegesis on the book and film and pop culture phenomenon that is The World of Suzie Wong

Third World Skull Candy “Pusat” now on youtube!

BitPulse Media has created a youtube playlist of the songs from my experimental music release “Pusat.” Check it out!


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