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Street Sounds of Jakarta

DrG Supreme Presents… Street Sounds of Jakarta

These are the sounds of Jakarta’s streets, from late afternoon to round midnight. Hear the cries of otak-otak sellers in the back alleys of Chinatown, of ice cream vendors and roving street musicians, of the evening call to prayer and street children choruses. From the ubiquitous motor scooter traffic and three-wheeled bajais to the clack of pushcarts to the crickets and transistor radios of midnight in the urban kampongs, this is the sound of Jakarta.

Every sound on these tracks was recorded live in Jakarta on lo-fi hand-held devices then mixed into a collage. No sound banks were used. The result is an experience like no other: an aural random walk through the city as it pulses to its own unique rhythm.

Track One: Afternoon
Alleyways of Petak Sembilan
At the Temple of Golden Virtue
Guitar and voice duet, Jalan Mangga Besar
Dangdut radio and bajai ride

Track Two: Twilight
Street girls chorus with ukuleles
Magrib call to prayer, Majuheed Musholla, Cipete
“Freddie” and his guitar
Angklung percussion band, Blok M

Track Three: Night
Carnival at Fatahillah Square
Campursari band
Percussion ensemble
Hand-cranked merry-go-round
Ondel-ondel group
Violin, guitar, and voice

Track Four: Midnight
Street vendor
Dangdut tarling
Kampong boy band
Street children with ukuleles

All four exciting tracks can be found in this playlist:



Singapore Yellow Selfie Competition II

This dedicated fan got her copy of Singapore Yellow for free because she’s my wife!

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Singapore Yellow Selfie Competition

This dedicated fan bought his copy of Singapore Yellow at the Kinokuniya bookstore on Orchard Road in Singapore and sent in this selfie to show his support!

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Take a selfie of yourself with one of my books and send it to me and I’ll post it. The best selfie will get a special prize!!!

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