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The good and degenerate artisans at Black Scat Press got out the Black Scat Review #11 ahead of schedule! A true rarity in small press publishing!

Inside is my short story “California Blues,” which will send you screaming into a ragged vortex of ambiguity and dread then spit you out the other side into a soft, paradisiacal garden of enlightenment.

If that sounds like your cup of joe, then please buy a copy of BSR#11 right here, right now:


I’m pleased to announce that my short story “California Blues” will be available 1 April in Black Scat Review #11. Paperback in the US and Europe and (I think) PDF everyplace else.

Check out the preview link here:

Reserve your copy today!

UPDATE: it’s now available from this link: buy and support small press publishing today!

LUAR BIASA! My album “Pusat” is now available on BitPulse Records!

I’m very pleased that my Third World Skull Candy project has been picked up by a new, exciting record label based in Brunei called BitPulse Records. They specialise in weird, experimental, exotic music and, hey, that fits my bill.

“Pusat,” my album of sample-based electronic noise and ambient music, is now available on iTunes and will become availble on other digital download sites very soon.

Buy and download it RIGHT NOW.

This is only the first in several planned releases with BitPulse so keep your eyes glued to this blog and your headphones strapped to your ears because WHEN ME YOU FLY I AM THE WINGS.


OMG! HFS! WTF! BRAND new treated soundtrack now on Scat Trax!

They’ve been keeping me busy at the day job and there’s hasn’t been time for recommending obscure films or uploading strange and beautiful music to youtube, but luckily an older track from my Midnight Grindhouse ‘treated soundtrack’ project is now available FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER at our usual home at Scat Trax. As Norman Conquest, the keeper of Black Scat Press, wrote about it…

“Time to walk (or is it rock?) with the Robot Zombies of Angkor Wat.

Wat’s new? Why, this  new experimental soundtrack mix from Midnight Grindhouse by the one and only DrG Supreme. Man, this audio is cool and ear-ie, so don those headphones, crank up the decibels and trance on over to our Scat Trax page.”

Click that hotlink and strap on yer headgear ’cause this one is a wild ride into the ancient source of the robot zombie apocalypse!

scat trax


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