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They Live (1988)

They Live, John Carpenter. Sci-fi horror schlockmeister Carpenter’s cult sensation is a total failure as coherent narrative yet lives on as a classic B-movie. How to parse this? Start with media impact: a ludicrous six-minute fight sequence was parodied perfectly (and nearly shot for shot) in the South Park episode “Cripple Fight.” The hero’s tagline, “I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of bubble gum,” later became the catch phrase of the videogame Duke Nuke’em. The omnipresent OBEY logo would merge with an image of Andre the Giant to proliferate around the world. The wrestling connection is no accident: the hero of TL is played by wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. The message of non-conformity and rejection of the corporate/media/political system still chimes with a certain militia/conspiracy theorist vibe…yet…the theory that rampant consumerism is morally wrong is enacted by a plaid-shirt wearing, mullet-headed, Aryan-faced pro wrestler who in one sequence blows away a mixed race crowd in downtown LA. That’s not very rainbow coalition. Toss in the oddness that corporate consumerism is controlled by skull-faced aliens who are only visible with magic Ray-Bans and I don’t know if I’m swinging left or right anymore. Do I like this? Watch it for the visuals if nothing else. Keep in mind the movie made some people rich. The consumerist aliens are US. WE LIVE!

Voyage to Planet Mysterion

DrG Supreme presents… Voyage to Planet Mysterion!!!

Join our intrepid spacemen as they leave their spacebase to voyage to a strange planet in search of ancient space artifacts. Will the alien mermaids with mental issues enslave our virile heroes before they can find the coveted Face of Enigma?

Watch this thrilling adventure-filled sci-fi space adventure to find out!

(Music: “Fatmawati,” by Third World Skull Candy)

Holy Cow! A new ‘treated soundtrack’ on Scat Trax!

Truly, the wonders and the glories never cease to pour forth from my desktop Mac at SAE Indonesia.

There’s a new EXCLUSIVE world premier “Midnight Grindhouse” treated soundtrack at Scat Trax. Click on this link and while you’re there, buy some quality lit from Black Scat Books…

“SCAT TRAX, the audio arm of Black Scat Books, is proud to present the exclusive World Premiere of The Wayward Lady—an experimental soundtrack by DrG Supreme.  This noirish mind-mix is a warped walk on the wild side (some might say “the other side”) … a trip down strange aural corridors where wanton giggles erupt and vanish – replaced by pauses so pregnant you’ll swear sextuplets are on the way. Clicks and coughs collide, bounce and drift in spirals of nasty laughter. And that music..what the hell is THAT? Maybe we’re in a cocktail lounge in Schenectady or, more likely, Madrid. Suddenly a grunt of passion is snuffed by the sound  of footsteps. Who’s knocking at the door? An irate cuckold? A cop on the make? Or a voluptuous mistress bent on revenge?…

The plot is locked away in your imagination.”

Il Signora Ribelle

Exciting new experimental short documentary…

Yet another DrG Supreme desktop production… My JKT 24

Shot mostly in and around south Jakarta, experience 24 hours in Jakarta in less than 5 minutes! All shots were actually filmed at the time stamp indicated on the screen.

I used my wife’s four-year-old Sony Cybershot camera, so the sound is mono, the resolution is low, and the auto-focus doesn’t always behave. The film is not color-graded. One shot is off a mobile phone.

But the lo-fi aesthetic only enhances the fun!

Catch all the action here:



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