Tantric images from Pashupatinath Temple

So I’ve got lots of photos from my trips around Asia which sometimes turn into larger projects. Other times they sit on my hard drive. In my spare time at work I’m teaching myself the video editing software  Final Cut Pro. I’m also, of course, constantly promoting my own for-sale stuff.  All of this adds up to a short video clip featuring images of erotic carvings on the Pashupatinath Temple in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

I first encountered the carvings in David Gordon White’s book Kiss of the Yogini and on a trip to Nepal later that year sought out the temple. The carvings are not pornography as that entire concept did not exist in that culture: rather they depict certain ritual sex acts–tantric sex–that are believed to bestow power from the life-force (read White’s book to get the skinny on all that). Suffice to say that when Sting or your hippie Uncle talks about ‘tantric sex’, they probably mean the version that blends elements of watered down Yoga breathing techniques with positions from The Joy of Sex. They probably don’t spend a lot of time collecting and drinking mixed sexual fluids during orgies in cemeteries.

Check out the temple carvings in my video. The music is from two sources: an SAE Institute graduate student’s field recordings in rural India, and ‘Apna Desh’ from Bollywood Steel Guitars on Sublime Frequencies.



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