Glengarry Glen Ross – Dr G’s Random Film Recommendations

Glengarry Glen Ross, James Foley. 1992.  Death of a Salesman stripped of the drooling pathos. Screenwriter David Mamet posits a man’s world where women are mentioned but are never seen. If the testosterone overload puts you off, then consider this master class in acting: Alec Baldwin as the big dick; Al Pacino as the slick guy; Jonathan Price as the pansy; Alan Arkin as the befuddled dude; Ed Harris as the hard-on; Kevin Spacey as the prick boss. But it’s Jack Lemmon, looking like someone’s grandpa, who steals the show.  He’s all over-the-hill, cheap-clothed desperation, and when he finally thinks he’s gotten away with the caper, he lashes out with profanity that would bring a blush to the face of Sam Jackson.  Then it all falls apart as dog eats dog. Lemmon’s searing performance alone is worth the cost of admission, but the male seething of the other actors makes this unforgettable: these guys would eat Willy Loman alive.



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