Cover Design Version One Reject

So the copyediting is done and now Monsoon Books is working on the cover design for Singapore Black. This is the cover we wanted to go with but the Southeast Asia distributor got feedback that it was “too sinister,” so we’re back to the drawing board. I was plumping for a sort of retro, pulp fiction detective style, but apparently that’s too hip and fun so we are instead going for an “airport thriller” cover. No mock-ups yet, but stay tuned…


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2 responses to “Cover Design Version One Reject”

  1. Jenn says :

    That’s so sad! I love this cover and I think it suits the novel perfectly.

    • roddy2000 says :

      Yeah, it’s too bad. I really liked the old designs, too.
      Well, if the novel is re-published outside of Southeast Asia we can change the cover design and maybe use this one.
      On the other hand, anything that helps airport sales is welcome!

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